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One question you might ask yourself when visiting the Save The Country website is how we are different from other advocate groups.  You might also ask, given that we utilize public material and releases from high profile individuals such as Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck, or Jim Rogers how our views differ from them.



The most important difference is that the opinions of Save The Country are not influenced by employers, advertisers, donors or politicians. We will say what we believe, and what is supported by facts.  Sometimes we will be in agreement with those commonly thought to be on the left and sometimes with those on the right.  Our goal is help save America; not to promote a political agenda.


We believe that our government should only spend what it takes in.  We know that to do so, our government must choose wisely between expenditures.  We cannot do everything we would like to do.  The following are examples which are related to foreign affairs, immigration, trade policy and U.S. regulations.


Foreign Affairs

We believe that not only must our government withdraw from military engagements in other countries, but that we must also restrict foreign aid to helping only in the event of a natural disaster,  a terrorist or military attack, or a declaration of war against our friends.  America cannot afford to be a global police force nor the world’s largest charitable organization.  Many of the causes that must go unfunded may truly be humanitarian or considered necessary for peace.  Our country must come first and be saved first.  Impoverished Americans must come before impoverished non-Americans.  We cannot justify a “government of the people” that reduces the welfare of Americans while aiding non-Americans; nor can we justify taxing rich Americans to fund non-Americans.  Again, our government was neither established to be the world’s police force nor a charity.  Just like Americans who are greatly concerned about their family’s financial affairs, our government must define “foreign affairs” as the “affairs of foreigners.”



We believe in the rule of the law and, therefore, the laws must be good, must be practical and must be fairly enforced.  We also believe that illegal immigration is an issue that is demonstrative of what happens when a law is neither.  Immigration law and the process to enforce it must be made more practical and more streamlined.  Those in our country illegally should not benefit from being here illegally.  As difficult as the task might be, we have to control the borders and then sort out who should be allowed to be a citizen and who should not.  Those who should not, must be removed from the country.  The exact criteria for doing this can be debated but the difficulty of achieving control over who is in our country does not change the basic fact that we have to gain that control.  Clearly, the great majority that is in the country should be made citizens.  In many cases, they are the friends, relatives, and providers for other Americans.  The task needs to be done with compassion but it must be done as a fundamental part of saving our country.


Trade Policy

We believe that unfettered free trade is unfair to American workers.  It pollutes the world and weakens America.  It destroys our tax base, which renders the government’s ability to fund welfare, healthcare, and social security impossible.  We do not believe that America can continue to exist as a consumer of foreign products that its own workers could be producing.  We accept that trade with other nations is a good thing.  But like most anything, too much of it is bad.  We believe America must be a “competitionist” nation that only gives up its industries and its jobs if no other reasonable alternative can be found.  We cannot lose our jobs so easily and simply accept that we will be okay because we won’t be.  American businesses need to stop employing a strategic plan based on exiting America.   We at Save The Country are not “protectionists,” we are “competitionists.”



We believe that excessive, impractical, and greed driven regulations must be avoided.   This means not only discontinuing the passage of new job destroying regulations, but repealing back many more.  American industry and American labor must join together to stop the “greeniac movement.”  The movement has clearly reached a point of diminishing returns from an environmental perspective and is killing our nation’s economy.  We must insist that until our government controls America’s budget that it quit attempting to control the “world’s temperature.”  We must quit forcing environmentally responsible American businesses out of the country, which results in increased global pollution.  The public companies that are required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to issue quarterly Environmental Disclosures about the business impacts of "global warming," should instead be required to issue disclosures on how their business impacts American Workers and American Jobs.  This will ensure that public companies traded on American stock exchanges consider America in their decision-making, and reinforce to them the “Pledge of Allegiance” that those who are American citizens have made since their youth.


We will have many differences of opinion with our friends and our enemies but underlying every position we take will be the goal of saving America.  We do not expect everyone to agree with our positions, but we do hope that all of you who are Americans want to save your country.  We hope this helps our readers better understand how we differ from others.






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