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The mission of “Save the Country” is stated clearly by our name.  Our first priority is to convince people that this country is in need of being saved and our second that it can be saved.


Most knowledgeable people, including the politicians who manage our government, know that our country will collapse if it continues on its current course. They also know that saving the country will be painful.  The choice to be made by Americans is between the pain of making a change in direction or the greater pain of a collapse of America as we know it.


Unfortunately, our business, union and political leaders display very little if any loyalty to our country.  If we are to survive as a country, this has to change.  At “Save the Country” we promise to represent what we believe is best for America and its citizens.   We have no affiliation with any political party and no loyalty to any particular cause except to help save the United States of America.  We believe that the most fundamental ingredient for saving the country is honesty and facts.


We believe that saving the United States of America is our only hope for maintaining our religious freedom, our enterprise freedom and our political freedom.


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