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Regcession is Killing America

September 24, 2014


The documentary we have been working on, although delayed, is now 99% complete.   It contains many facts to support our underlying message that American worker's jobs, and even America itself, is being destroyed by its own government and by the nonsensical regulations that it spews out.  The documentary makes clear that the Green Movement is a "big business" not a "big cause". 

It is not only a big business for those directly involved in the Green Movement like solar and wind companies but it is also big business for the media;  the politicians, their friends and their families;  foreign countries;  multi-national corporations (many of which brand themselves as American companies); and even American colleges and universities. 

The use of the word regcession in this essay and in the documentary is not a mistake or a misspelling.  It is a word we have created in an attempt to brand the economic decline in America as what it really is.  America's economic decline is not a cyclical recession as the government would have us believe, but rather a 24 year reduction in American manufacturing jobs caused by excessive regulations.   We know we are not experiencing a recession because recessions do not last for 24 years and they do not put countries 17 trillion dollars in debt.  Ironically, not only are excessive nonsensical Environmental Protection Agency regulations bankrupting America and American citizens, they are also increasing worldwide pollution.  All of this is occurring as the politicians hide the truth by producing flawed and misleading unemployment statistics, and by moving millions of Americans on to government assistance and out of the workforce.    

The huge numbers of people that are making billions of dollars off the "green movement" means it will be very difficult to stop the destruction of American jobs and the stealing of the American Dream.  The only people that can stop it, and that have a motive to stop it, are “We the People of the United States".  "We The People of the United States" are alone in this fight.  We are the only ones whose green money is being moved to other people’s pockets and whose way of life is being stolen from us by those that we elect.  

The United Nations and the World Trade Organization, who are both busy transferring jobs from America to Asia, do not have a motive to stop it.  Corrupted politicians who provide stimulus funding to their friends, relatives and supporters to build windmills and solar panels do not have a motive to stop it.   The peoples and governments of foreign countries that are getting our jobs and our payroll checks do not have a motive to stop it.   The Climate Change theorists themselves who receive millions of dollars from Foundations and our government to spread the myth do not have a motive to stop it.   Multinational corporations that are being literally forced to lower their costs and increase their profits by being conveniently forced out of America to countries where labor is cheap and regulations scarce have no motive to stop it.    A media that is always looking for a scary story like "the ice is melting," or the "seas are rising," or that "hurricanes will be more frequent" in order to gain viewers, see it as the perfect drama for increasing their profits and therefore have no reason to stop it.   Universities and colleges that see it as a way to get billions of dollars in research funding as they purport to study the catastrophic effects of manmade Global Warming clearly have no reason to stop it.  

American workers and other Americans that can neither benefit from the hoax of global warming here at home, nor move to another country, are the only ones with both a motive and a means to stop the biggest hoax ever put over on a nation of people.   Among these Americans with a motive to end this nonsense are workers in many different occupations.  Also among Americans that have a motive to stop the nonsense are small businessmen without international opportunities for their businesses, as well as American workers that depend on small businesses for their job.    Less obvious is that Americans in government jobs and even those that depend on government hand-outs have a motive to stop it.   Why?   Because our government is going to go broke otherwise and there will be many fewer government jobs and no money left to hand-out.    

Some will argue that the destruction of America cannot be stopped.  We disagree, as it simply has to be stopped.  It can be stopped because our country has great natural resources, hardworking and creative people, and we have the power to change our government.   Once the politicians recognize that Americans will not accept the loss of their homes, their way of life and the security of their nation based on an unproven theory then the politicians behavior will change quickly.   Once politicians either stop their assault on Americans or are voted out of office, America will recover more quickly than any of us can possibly foresee.    

We will post the particulars of when and how the documentary will be made available for viewing on this website and elsewhere within the next few weeks.

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